• ça ca

  • salam

  • All you need is faith ///

  • Just be positive !! One day will be the sunshine and all the dust will go

    • I doubte this day will ever come :D but you keep on hoping! me now I know there isn't such day :p

  • I gusse in good thing ;)

  • So am I !!!!

    • ok good! it's not the story of my life! I write about all people lives

  • Nothing, is just a story of someone who's sinking

  • The story of your life 

  • Never mind next time !!

  • expected answer 

  • Alright yo are sinking  good for ya

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    Bonjour the Hero^ _ ^ je commence par vous dire que vous avez un profil intéressant! et ce qui m'attire, c'est que t'as dévoilé votre personnalité par votre joli profil séduisant et les mentions que vous aimez, sa ce vois clairement que vous êtes une fille , souriante, agréable, accueillante et gentille so, i'd like will be freinds, si sa ne cause pas des prb, autrement, ne te dérange pas^ ^, opssssssssss j'ai failli oublié de vous souhaite une agréable journée^ _ ^

  • Three Days Grace
    Three doors Down
    Linkin park

  • Love is blind do not see but feel the tenderness and feeling
    Love sometimes makes a person crazy

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  • Anonymous

    why killing , just be sage in life, and don't stop dreaming

    • ok, good luck for rest of ur life

  • Anonymous

    je pensais que comprend l'anglais, mais j'ai pas compri " "any death note lovers?" lol :p

  • Anonymous

    if you need a new life am hear

  • Hello nice girl,I hope everything is going fine with you ,I read your poems and I liked them all and soon inchallah we will keep in touch add me to my page so we can share things together ok thank you and have a happy holiday. WWW.NOUNOUVELI.BLOGSPOT.COM